Camille and Elena are very different women with very similar DNA. 


When Camille's breakup from her wealthy and doting boyfriend Chris brings out her more crazed and entitled side, she goes to her sister for help. Elena, more together and on-the-grid than her older sister, comes to the rescue, but not without igniting deep seated frustration and a new desire to retaliate in her role as the one being relied on for a lifetime. Unfortunately, she succeeds, with the help of Camille's ex-boyfriend Chris, and a moment of passion that crashes them together, and knocks her off of her carefully constructed moral high-ground. After her sexual slip Elena is faced with the bigger problem of choosing to make things right with her sister whom she feels is indebted to her, or keeping her secret and maintaining the life-long emotional status quo. After Chris makes that decision for her and comes clean to his beloved Camille, Elena begs forgiveness and Camille makes a take-it-or-leave-it offer, that ultimately leaves the two sisters changed forever.


A character study in two very different ways of how to live, or how not to, in contemporary New York, the film will use experimental shots that focus on details of everyday life in the city.